Why Choose Colonial Skilled Nursing Facility?

Colonial Skilled Nursing Facility is truly a unique find amongst the surrounding Palm Beach County Skilled Nursing Facilities.  Its boutique size allows a personalized experience for each person in the community.  Whether a long-term care resident that will stay for a while or a short-term rehabilitative stay, the attention, and individual focus, is that which only a small facility is able to provide.  

Our variety of care options are all within a safe and comfortable atmosphere for seniors in Palm Beach County and surrounding areas.  This well-equipped, skilled nursing facility has been providing excellent nursing care at this location for nearly 20 years.  There is also a fantastic rehabilitation center that allows for those to recuperate post-surgery or post any medically needed procedure.  

We strive to provide all the comfort and attention to make one’s stay as calming and restful as possible.  The skilled nursing staff is composed of registered nurses and highly trained clinical personnel that are onsite 24-7 to ensure the absolute maximum level of care. 

We believe that you shall see why our facility is prized for its careful approach to nursing and yearns to help residents with any needs in this well-appointed and positive-themed, subacute setting.  The Colonial Skilled Nursing Facility has taken every measure to ensure that the amenities provided on-site make every resident feel safely cared for and a wide variety of options so that one could feel close to home. 

If you are looking for a safe and family-owned place for your nursing home needs, then rest assured that our nursing facility at Palm Beach is the ideal solution. Our uniqueness comes from combining a staff with extensive experience in caring for all types of residents together with a genuine passion to put a smile on people’s faces. It really does feel like family.

Enjoy Your Life at Our Community

Colonial Skilled Nursing Facility is eager to become the cornerstone of resident care by offering a variety of skilled therapy services for the different types of aid that are prescribed.   But the prescription goes further than traditional and generic long-term care.  Our facility approach takes it beyond institutional thinking, which is fueled by the craving to cater to every resident’s needs.  Our mission is to get to know every resident and their story.  In some cases, where hospice care becomes necessary, our family is with your family until the very end.  Once here, it is easy to understand that the family at Colonial nurtures a real atmosphere of love, grace, and a great attitude at the forefront of our services. 

For those that come to Colonial for Rehabilitative Services, our goals are aligned with yours.  It is simple- get in and Achieve your Goals and go Home.  The physical therapists and other assigned therapy professionals will ensure that each program stay is maximized for the functional ability and speedy recovery.  As your extended family, we have your best interest in mind.  After all, the best day is, that day, when you’re able to go back to your home.  

Join Colonial Skilled Nursing Facility

Our caring facility is all about improving emotion through motion.  That, coupled with constant communication, engagement, and comfort, enables our residents to always stay social and never lose their spark. Our residents are invited and encouraged to saunter through our beautiful courtyard where they join us for uplifting morning exercise routines, followed by mind stimulation games and many others. All of the following activities happen under 24 – hour staff supervision to ensure the safety of our residents. Apart from the numerous activities on-site, we try to organize outings to local landmarks that keep our residents’ minds sharp, and their soul content. 

To top off our boutique services, we offer three delicious meal menus daily cooked by experienced chefs who use locally sourced fresh ingredients, for optimum taste. Our large selection of activities, along with great floor plans and passionate staff makes us a popular destination for senior living and long-term care in West Palm Beach. The facility is easy to access in a convenient location that is close to all major roads, public transportation as well as medical centers. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about the Colonial Skilled Nursing Facility. 

Welcome to Colonial!

Welcome to Colonial Assisted Living! 

Colonial Assisted Living puts the life back into senior living. Our one-of-a-kind seniors assisted living facilities in Florida give residents an outstanding quality of life on every level, from personalized care services provided by our incredible team to a vibrant community culture, friendly family-like environment, and engaging offering of activities.

Ricki Kaneti

Message from
our Founder

 Colonial Assisted Living was created from my genuine desire to help seniors truly thrive in their golden years.