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Portia Surtain

Executive Director
Colonial Skilled Nursing Rehabilitation at Palm Beach

What inspired you to get involved with seniors?
As a young girl, spending time with my grandparents and their friends inspired me to care for seniors. Witnessing the illness of one of my grandparent’s friends motivated me to become a nurse, determined to provide care to the elderly in need. Eventually, I pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Gerontology with a Minor in Psychology, graduating in 1999. Recognizing my passion, a college advisor encouraged me to explore Healthcare Administration, leading me to achieve my Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration in 2002. Today, I’m driven to lead and provide compassionate care for seniors, ensuring their well-being in healthcare settings.

How did you become an ED of Colonial Assisted Living Community?
I am proud to have been appointed as the Executive Director at Colonial Skilled Nursing Facility, with a strong recommendation from a respected Medical Director/Physician in the local community. It’s an honor to take on this role and contribute to the well-being of the residents and staff at the facility.

Hobbies / Personal Touch?
Traveling abroad with my family is an enriching experience that allows us to create cherished memories together, cherishing the value of time and the moments we share. Meanwhile, Interior Designing fuels my creative instincts, providing an outlet for self-expression as I craft captivating and personalized living spaces that evoke emotions and inspire those who inhabit them. These two passions, travel and design, beautifully intertwine to bring joy, fulfillment, and a sense of purpose to my life.

What should others know, when thinking of moving to Colonial Skilled Nursing Rehabilitation at Palm Beach?
At Colonial Skilled Nursing Facility, we prioritize the well-being and happiness of our residents, who are like family to us. Our commitment to providing the highest quality of care and life is unwavering, ensuring that your loved one receives exceptional support and attention. We take great pride in nurturing not only their physical health but also their psychosocial well-being, creating an environment that fosters positivity, engagement, and meaningful connections. With our dedicated team of compassionate professionals, state-of-the-art facilities, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere, we aim to achieve amazing outcomes and make a positive impact on the lives of those we care for at Colonial.

Welcome to Colonial!

Welcome to Colonial Assisted Living! 

Colonial Assisted Living puts the life back into senior living. Our one-of-a-kind seniors assisted living facilities in Florida give residents an outstanding quality of life on every level, from personalized care services provided by our incredible team to a vibrant community culture, friendly family-like environment, and engaging offering of activities.

Ricki Kaneti

Message from
our Founder

 Colonial Assisted Living was created from my genuine desire to help seniors truly thrive in their golden years.