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Milton Corrales

Executive Director
Colonial Assisted Living at Miami

What inspired you to get involved with seniors?
At heart, I’ve always been driven to support those facing struggles, and my journey to make a difference led me on an unexpected path. Originally planning to become a nurse, life guided me to graduate in 2016 from FIU with a Summa Cum Laude in health care administration. During my studies, I worked part-time at the YMCA, unknowingly laying the groundwork for my future work with the elderly. Surprisingly, I discovered profound commonalities between these groups—their desire for safety, recognition, and daily engagement. My time at the YMCA has indeed inspired me to wholeheartedly serve our beloved grandmas and grandpas every day.

How did you become an ED of Colonial Assisted Living Community?
Timing truly is a remarkable force in our journey. Initially applying for the Business Office role, I sensed during the interview that it might not align with my aspirations. However, fate had other plans, as I was granted the chance to share my experiences as an Administrator in another Assisted Living Facility. My words struck a chord, and a few months later, they approached me with an opportunity for the E.D position. Since that moment, I’ve been an integral part of their team, cherishing every moment of this fulfilling journey.

Hobbies / Personal Touch?
I cherish my strong family values and during my time off, I love spending quality moments with my beautiful wife and our two wonderful daughters. Together, we embark on exciting trips, explore various parks, beaches, and museums, immersing ourselves in Florida’s great outdoors. Sports hold a special place in my heart.   Love watching games or attending them.  We are also passionate movie buffs. Additionally, we enjoy treating ourselves to delightful dining experiences, savoring life’s little pleasures.

What should others know, when thinking of moving to Colonial Assisted Living at Miami?
At the core of our values, we hold an unwavering belief that our mission revolves around securing the happiness and well-being of our beloved seniors. This principle drives our every action as we wholeheartedly dedicate ourselves to ensuring joy and optimum health for those who are most cherished by their families and our community. Guided by this conviction, we tirelessly work to create an environment where our seniors feel loved, respected, and cared for, knowing that their comfort and contentment are the ultimate measures of our success. With every step we take, we aim to bring smiles to the faces of our elderly residents and provide them with the highest standard of care, rooted in compassion and genuine concern.

Welcome to Colonial!

Welcome to Colonial Assisted Living! 

Colonial Assisted Living puts the life back into senior living. Our one-of-a-kind seniors assisted living facilities in Florida give residents an outstanding quality of life on every level, from personalized care services provided by our incredible team to a vibrant community culture, friendly family-like environment, and engaging offering of activities.

Ricki Kaneti

Message from
our Founder

 Colonial Assisted Living was created from my genuine desire to help seniors truly thrive in their golden years.