6 Benefits of Moving Parents to Assisted Living Facilities

6 Benefits of Moving Parents to Assisted Living Facilities

Moving your parents into an assisted living facility can be an overwhelming and hard step. All pros and cons should be carefully considered before making such a complicated decision. Assisted living communities are more flexible and open-minded rather than in nursing homes. Even though your parents would have to say goodbye to their home, it is the very beginning of their new independent and joyful life. In this article, we will cover the major benefits of assisted living facilities to allow letting your beloved ones start their new lives with a light heart.

What Are the Benefits?

This list of benefits will help you and your parents to get a better understanding of what assisted living facility looks like and what they should expect when moving there. Make sure you learn more about the community before moving your parents to an assisted living facility.


Quite often, seniors may feel withdrawn when being alone in their home. One of the main benefits of an assisted living community is the people that you meet there. They are relatively the same age and have common interests. In such communities, older people get more sociable and even find new friends.


Seniors may no longer need to be dependent on their children and family and can have a self-sufficient life. Residents have the possibility to do what they want and still get the help they need. There are always caregivers helping with the daily routine like bathing and dressing if needed.


While such facilities provide residents with an opportunity to socialize, their privacy is still valued. At Colonial Assisted Living, every resident has a comfortable room. Thus, seniors can both spend time with community members and have a moment for themselves in a private space.

Care and Support

An educated specialist will always be at the resident’s service. Our facilities are a great solution for people who don’t need full-time medical care but need assistance in daily activities, such as taking basic medications, preparing meals, bathing, grooming and more.

Free Time

Meal preparation, home maintenance and other routine become a challenge for older people with time. Seniors may no longer worry about this routine since there will be people taking care of these tasks for them. As a result, residents have more free time for themselves.


Another great benefit of moving your parents to assisted living facilities is that they are always provided with various activities, crafts lessons, and trips to make the life of their residents more diverse and interesting. You can be sure that your parents will be kept busy and active throughout their stay.
At Colonial Assisted Living, seniors are provided with a safe environment where they can get the care they deserve while maintaining a strong social environment. Our communities are located in major cities across Florida. Our caregivers create a home-like environment and make sure to fulfill the needs of the residents. Learn more about our locations on the website or contact our specialists for more information.

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