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Jim Cain

Executive Director
Colonial Assisted Living at Palm Beach

What inspired you to get involved with seniors?
Due to my deep respect and admiration for my own grandparents, I found myself drawn to a career dedicated to serving the senior population. Despite my commitment to helping people of all ages, my passion for the senior living industry remains a central and fulfilling aspect of my life. Their wisdom and experiences have inspired me to make a positive impact in the lives of elderly individuals, ensuring they receive the care and attention they deserve. Through this path, I am able to combine my personal values with my professional aspirations, making it a truly rewarding journey.

How did you become an ED of Colonial Assisted Living Community?
When searching for a senior living community in Florida to serve, finding one with a family atmosphere and family-operated setup was crucial to me. Fortunately, Colonial Assisted Living perfectly met these criteria and stood out as a top choice. The location in West Palm Beach was an added bonus, making it even more appealing. Upon visiting, I was immediately impressed by the lovely community and the genuine connections between the residents and staff, making it an ideal place to make a positive impact and provide care and support to the elderly population.

Hobbies / Personal Touch?

My wife and three wonderful kids have been at the center of my hobbies and life’s greatest joys. Whether it’s coaching baseball teams or embarking on adventures to explore waterparks across the United States, every moment spent with them has been a source of pure happiness. I consider myself incredibly fortunate and blessed to be an integral part of their lives, cherishing the memories we create together. Their presence has enriched my life beyond measure, making each day a meaningful and fulfilling journey.

What should others know, when thinking of moving to Colonial Assisted Living at Palm Beach?
The genuine sense of family ownership and operation is palpable in our Palm Beach community, creating a unique and welcoming atmosphere. The sincerity of the attention and care provided is evident in every interaction, fostering strong bonds between staff and residents. The residents themselves can attest to the authenticity of the experience, feeling valued and cherished within our close-knit community. This familial touch not only makes our residents feel at home but also sets us apart, making our community a place where compassion and understanding thrive.

Welcome to Colonial!

Welcome to Colonial Assisted Living! 

Colonial Assisted Living puts the life back into senior living. Our one-of-a-kind seniors assisted living facilities in Florida give residents an outstanding quality of life on every level, from personalized care services provided by our incredible team to a vibrant community culture, friendly family-like environment, and engaging offering of activities.

Ricki Kaneti

Message from
our Founder

 Colonial Assisted Living was created from my genuine desire to help seniors truly thrive in their golden years.