Ricki Kaneti Approaches Eldercare with Experience and Vision

Ricki Kaneti Approaches Eldercare with Experience and Vision

It’s a horrible reality — loved ones aging and unable to live in their homes and care for themselves. Any family who has been through this ordeal knows how heart wrenching this time can be.

However, most families would probably agree that moving an elderly family member to assisted living is much easier when they trust that their loved one will be “looked out for” and receive excellent family environment care.

It’s this compassionate and comforting component of seniors care that Ricki Kaneti mastered when founding Colonial Assisted Living Management (CALM™) one of the most desirable and affordable places for elderly family members in South Florida.

Experience and vision create a unique approach

Kaneti is no stranger to the industry. She has been working in healthcare in South Florida since 2001.  Her professional career began in an institutional senior living pharmacy.  From there, Kaneti went on to operate many assisted living facilities and consult for several more.

Kaneti quickly earned a reputation as a thought leader and an industry expert with the ability to transform the most troubled assisted living facilities into stabilized communities. These transformations created a homey, safe place for residents, but their success went much further. Kaneti managed to make these communities preferred sites for staff to work and desirable places for families to visit.

Kaneti says her assisted living facilities are aesthetically pleasing and don’t look and feel anything like typical retirement homes.

“Our designed communities don’t look, smell, or feel like the sigmatic connotations of retirement homes.  Rather, we’ve uniquely designed our communities to have the look and feel of Main Street,” says Kaneti. She explains that the interiors are inviting and playful and intend to make family members enjoy their visits with loved ones and visit more frequently.

“We are different in that we are a deeply rooted, family-owned, and family-operated group that treats each one of our 300 team members as our own family,” says Kaneti. She adds that being a smaller corporation allows Colonial Assisted Living to concentrate more attention on performance.

“We have built our business in a bootstrap type of operational capacity, which has formulated our operating procedures and efficiencies in a lean and streamlined capacity,” adds Kaneti. This family atmosphere and homey feel set Colonial Assisted Living apart from the mainstream industry and make it one of the premier names for assisted living in South Florida.

The family business

Making Colonial Assisted Living communities have a homey feel took vision and experience. For Kaneti, the experience element was no problem. Growing up in a working-class family with immigrant parents from the Middle East, Kaneti learned some of her tricks of the trade from family members.

Both Kaneti’s grandmother and mother were dedicated assisted living facility founders and entrepreneurs. From humble beginnings to much larger endeavors, Kaneti grew up surrounded by people with a passion for the industry.

And, of course, she worked in these facilities filling in and doing necessary jobs. But it was the people in these homes that most intrigued Kaneti, and at an early age, she knew it was her calling to follow in the footsteps of the family business.

What’s new in 2021 for Kaneti and Colonial Assisted Living? 

One major initiative for 2021 is establishing a sense of awareness and promoting their Operations and Management services to the seniors housing investment community. “Our decade-long proven track record of turning around the most complex and underperforming communities in Florida is now available to family offices, Reits, and other healthcare investment portfolios that need them,” states Kaneti.

Kaneti explains that her primary mission is to promote their historically proven track record and operating efficiencies within seniors care with a guarantee to optimize operations in any given seniors community in Florida.

Anyone in the senior care industry knows it is not an easy field to master and takes a true specialist to achieve performance.  Kaneti is so confident in her approach that she has no problem offering a guarantee with her services.

Kaneti plans to help transform some of the newly created assisted living projects all through the country.  She says, “Some are really beautiful, but most are operationally challenged, which is a hindrance to profitability and even concern for liability to investors and key stakeholders.”

She adds, “That’s because this is a people business, not just asset management.” And it’s this approach Kaneti plans to use as she sets out to disrupt current trends and break down barriers that will transform traditional senior living into the same stabilized operations found at their portfolio of Colonial Assisted Living facilities.

Ricki Kaneti’s vision for elder care is a true labor of love and a calling that stems back three generations. It seems only natural that our loved ones who cared so much for us deserve the best place to reside and live out their lives. However, because this vision is the exception and not the norm, we need expert visionaries to begin making a difference, and Ricki Kaneti has the ball rolling.

Source: https://spacecoastdaily.com/2021/06/ricki-kaneti-approaches-eldercare-with-experience-and-vision/

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