Moving to an Assisted Living Community During COVID

Moving to an Assisted Living Community During COVID

What COVID definitely taught us is that we need to take care of our senior adults twice, or even ten times harder than before. So when COVID-19 burst back into everyone’s lives again with the new Delta variant, the question of keeping seniors even safer became even more crucial. 

How do you protect the physical, emotional, social, and mental health of older adults? You need to create a safe and fulfilling place for them – and assisted living communities can provide you with just that.

Over the last year, most people were wondering if senior living communities were safe during COVID, and the recent research proved that 64% of assisted care properties had zero COVID cases.

With that in mind, senior living communities offer innovative, engaging, and safe environments for an older adult to live in. And here are five benefits of assisted living communities during COVID-19.

5 Reasons to Choose an Assisted Living Community

1. Medical Management and Resources

The level of medical care may differ from one assisted living community to another. At Colonial, we provide seniors with physical therapy, assist them with medication management and prescription refills. In addition, fitness classes and outdoor activities also add up to a healthy lifestyle for residents at Colonial.

And while residents may often require some help with dressing, hygiene, bathing, and other daily activities, staff members at Colonial are trained to handle emergencies. Besides, all our facilities are located within close proximity of medical centers.

Elderly adults may also require some exclusive nutrition services. For these purposes, our senior care communities implement dietitian-approved meals.

Additionally, modern senior living communities have easy access to COVID-19 testing as well as vaccines. Since the beginning of the vaccination program, new coronavirus cases in assisted living residences have decreased by 80%

2. Socialization 

Social distancing and constant isolation have taught us to value real in-person relationships. Therefore, senior living communities in COVID times can help bring people together and help them interact and communicate, as well as find new friends with similar interests. 

Fitness centers, art and music classes, book clubs, movie nights, card games, and many other activities can help pull the senior community’s life together and make it bright during such harsh times.

3. Confidence in the Future 

In times of uncertainty, it is always good to find a place to provide you with everything needed. While seniors may find themselves incapable of paying bills, ordering online, or even going for groceries, assisted living is a great place to get rid of all unnecessary chores and find time to enjoy life. Housekeeping, meals, laundry – everything will be taken care of.

4. Safety and Security

In addition to keeping elderly adults healthy, residences need to ensure seniors are also safe and secure in the facilities. This becomes possible through the following features:

  • Accessibility and mobility. Falls can cause injuries to seniors, which is why senior care communities are fully designed for the comfort and security of the residents. Grab bars in bathrooms, flat thresholds, handrails in hallways, raised toilets, and walk-in showers can all help reduce the likelihood of harm.
  • On-call staff. Every room has emergency call buttons aimed to notify staff in case of any injuries, falls, or problems. 
  • Disaster preparation. In case of any natural disaster, such as a fire, tornado, or earthquake, seniors are sure to stay safe in assisted living communities as they have staff and disaster plans prepared for such occasions.

5. Stress-Free Life

Living in peace is what every person needs and wants nowadays. Currently, most of the community staff and residents are vaccinated in order to make sure the residence is safe to stay at for seniors. 

And with the knowledge that the residents are well cared for and are in a safe space, friends and families can have peace of mind. And of course, the seniors themselves will live a stress-free life being surrounded by support, medical protection, safety, and a friendly atmosphere.

The Bottom Line

Moving to an assisted living community may be a sensible step to take in times of COVID, to make sure your dear one is in a caring and engaging environment that is as COVID-proof as a senior living community can be. Reach out to us at Colonial Assisted Living to learn more about how we protect our community during the pandemic.

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