6 Tips on How to Move Parents into Assisted Living

6 Tips on How to Move Parents into Assisted Living

When you’re planning to move your parents to the assisted living community together with them, make sure you prepare yourself and your loved ones for such a huge step. It is a very emotional and overwhelming part of your family’s life and you need to consider everything carefully before they see their new home. This list of things to take when moving into an assisted living will help your family to meet a new chapter in your lives with a light heart.

Plan Everything Out

This is one of the main tips for moving your loved ones to assisted living. Talk to your family about possible options, consider all the pros and cons, discuss alternatives, and decide together on how it is better to move to an assisted living facility.

Visit the Facility Before Moving

There are plenty of options that differ in terms of space, community, location, activities and more. Visit various facilities before you choose only one of them. Check if there is enough personal space, what kind of care is offered, what types of activities are available, and more.

Bring Important and Memorable Things

One of the most important things to take when moving into assisted living is to do your best to make your parents feel more comfortable at a new place. It is possible if they are surrounded by favorite and recognizable things. Bring family pictures and photo albums, favorite chair or blanket. Try to create a home-like environment – it will help to get used to a new place quickly.

Give Some Time to Adapt

It will definitely take some time for seniors to adapt to a new place. Be patient, always listen to their concerns, talk to the staff if needed to make your loved ones feel like home. Normally, it can take up to six months to adapt. Cooperate with the facility’s staff to let your parents feel safe and comfortable.

Visit as Often as You Can

Early visits to friends and family are one of the most important tips for moving to assisted living. Thus, your parents won’t feel lonely or abandoned. However, limit your visits a little bit to give them more personal time and space and let them meet new people and make friends in the community.

Encourage to Be Active and Sociable

Assisted living facilities offer their residents a wide range of activities, crafts lessons, and hobbies to make their lives more interesting and engage them in the community. Check if the chosen facility has the activities that your loved ones like the most, ask the staff if it’s possible to schedule additional classes if needed. Thus, they will be always busy doing things they love and talking to other residents.
It is very important to figure out how to help your parents move to an assisted living facility with minimum stress both for them and the whole family. Stay calm throughout the moving process to make it easier for your loved ones to accept the changes and get used to a new place.
At Colonial Assisted Living, we work for the benefit of our residents and their families. We understand how difficult it might be to let your loved ones live in a different place and that’s why we do our best to provide them with everything they need to feel comfortable during their stay. Learn more about our facilities and the list of activities to provide your family with the care they deserve.

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